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Strip mall in Wisconsin scene of alleged sex crimes

If a person is charged with a serious crime in Wisconsin, the court may prohibit him or her from going to certain places or visiting certain people, even before a trial has taken place. For one young man, bail restrictions include a particular strip mall, where he is said to have committed multiple sex crimes against minor age children. The 18-year-old was taken into custody and placed in a county jail on a recent Friday.

A criminal complaint against the man was filed in a circuit court. It is alleged that he paid thousands of dollars to various teenagers, ages 16 and 17, in exchange for sexual images and videos of themselves. The accused teenager is also said to have engaged in sexual activity with other boys in the vicinity of the strip mall he has since been prohibited from going near.

There is a cash bail and signature bond set for the man’s release. The bail is $20,000 and the bond $50,000. He is charged with more than 20 counts of sex-related crimes. Charges include solicitation of child prostitution, enticing children and sexual exploitation of children.

Avoiding conviction of sex crimes in Wisconsin or elsewhere is obviously an enormous challenge. Going it alone in court may not be the wisest choice. However, it is possible to seek representation by retaining the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Many times, the type of defense presented in court makes the difference between a positive outcome and spending a significant portion of one’s life behind bars.

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