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Drug crimes investigation leads to 16 arrests

Wisconsin investigators often work for weeks, months, even years on a particular drug-related case. Often, a lengthy investigation leads to charges of drug crimes against one or more individuals. A recent operation has resulted in 16 arrests.

Authorities say they believe they have unraveled a large-scale drug conspiracy ring. Undercover agents reportedly made repeated purchases of methamphetamine, prescription drugs and heroin over the course of the past year. Officers say they expect to make at least 15 more arrests before the investigation ends.

The recent arrests were part of an overall drug bust reported as the largest in the area in the past 10 years. Authorities claim they made several drug purchases from the same person during their undercover operation to confirm suspicions that they were working with a drug dealer and eliminate the possibility that it was a mere one-time arrangement. Details regarding specific drug charges against each of the 16 arrested so far were not provided.

Serious drug offenses tend to be aggressively prosecuted, and it’s possible to go to jail for a long time if convicted of drug crimes in Wisconsin. It is also often possible to avoid conviction altogether. Much depends on the type of defense one is able to present in court. It is typically advisable to seek guidance from a defense attorney who has successfully fought against similar charges for others in the past. A successful past record demonstrates an attorney’s ability to combat prosecution tactics in order to obtain as positive a result as possible on a client’s behalf.

Source:, “16 people arrested in year-long drug investigation in western Wisconsin“, Dec. 18, 2016

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