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Man arrested for sex crimes in two Wisconsin counties

Sometimes, those suspected of criminal activity in Wisconsin are arrested and held in jail while investigations continue. In such circumstances, the accused may still request assistance from a defense attorney. In fact, this time period is often crucial in that it allows a skilled attorney to gather information and evidence which may be used to help a client. A recent incident involves a man being held in jail for alleged sex crimes.

The man was sent to jail after an Internet Crimes against Children Task Force reported a complaint against him. The 43-year-old is suspected of unlawful sexual acts against a minor. He was reportedly taken into custody on a recent Monday at his home.

The man is suspected of using an internet social network to communicate with a child. Authorities believe he used a computer to facilitate repeated sex acts with the same child. Deputies are said to be forwarding felony charges to a District Attorney’s office in the county where the man is jailed.

Sex crimes charges against the man include possession of child pornography, enticing a child and exposing private anatomy to a child, in addition to repeated sexual assaults. Such obviously serious situations may require sound legal counsel and effective defense representation in order to avoid potentially severe penalties if convicted. Much is often at stake for someone accused of harming children in Wisconsin; yet, every person is entitled to fight against filed charges by building as strong a defense as possible. Typically, devising a thorough defense strategy is best undertaken alongside skilled and experienced guidance.

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