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Business partner accuses man of white collar crimes

A community in Wisconsin is known for one of its businesses, that being a dairy bar and ice-cream shop that was established in 1932. Recently, however, the shop has become a contentious scene that involves accusations of white collar crimes against one of the proprietors. His business partner is the one who has accused him.

Apparently, at some point in 2015, the business partner discovered a credit card with his own name on it. He claims that upon further investigation, he learned the card carried a $20,000 balance. When he asked his co-owner about the situation, he was reportedly told the card had been used to make necessary purchases for the business.

As time went on, the business partner says he learned that other loans and credit cards had also been acquired using his and his wife’s names. According to the couple, neither of them had given permission for the acquisitions. The co-owner who was suspect has been charged with four counts of forgery and 12 counts of identity theft.

Authorities have also charged the man with three separate counts of credit card fraud. The forgery and identity theft charges are all categorized as felony white collar crimes in Wisconsin. The three counts for fraudulent uses of a credit card are misdemeanors. Regarding both types of charges, anyone accused has the right to present as strong a defense as possible to avoid conviction. One of the most common ways others have undertaken such tasks has been to enlist the help of experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Source:, “Mullen’s Dairy Bar owner charged with identity theft, credit card fraud and forgery“, Barry Adams, Oct. 8, 2016

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