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Arrests, but no charges yet filed for drug crimes in Wisconsin

It is not all that uncommon that a person arrested on suspicion of criminal behavior may be released from custody without ever facing formal charges. Sometimes, for whatever reason, authorities may decide not to press charges at all. Other times, a person or persons arrested for drug crimes or other unlawful acts  in Wisconsin may be held in jail for a time before charges are actually filed against them.

The latter appears to be the case for a 33-year-old man and 38-year-old woman who were arrested following an alleged drug bust in La Crosse. The arrests took place on a recent Saturday. Police had reportedly been conducting an ongoing investigation for an extended period of time before that day.

At some point during the investigation, authorities searched premises at three separate locations. They say they found approximately $1700 in cash. They also have asserted that various types of illegal drugs were found, including THC, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.

Neither one of the suspects has yet been charged with any crime. In the past, convictions for drug crimes in Wisconsin have often led to severe repercussions. It has also happened that many people have avoided conviction altogether by acting alongside aggressive and experienced criminal defense counsel. Even if no formal charges have been filed, a person who has been arrested may benefit from discussing the situation with counsel. An attorney may investigate any searches, seizures or arrests that have taken place to determine whether any personal rights were violated in the process.

Source:, “More than $24,000 dollars worth of drugs confiscated in La Crosse drug bust“, Stephanie Olson, Sept. 26, 2016

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