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Where to seek guidance for domestic violence issues in Wisconsin

Being accused of intentional acts of physical harm against a spouse or another adult with whom one is in a relationship may produce immediate and long-term negative consequences, even in the absence of a conviction. For this and many other reasons, it is advisable that anyone accused of domestic violence in Wisconsin seek clarification of the laws and regulations that govern such matters in this state before proceeding to court. Because Wisconsin law does not prohibit acts defined under that specific term, such situations can be complicated and difficult to understand without the benefit of a criminal law background.

Typically, the statutes that govern assault, battery, homicide and other violent crimes are those used to address domestic violence issues. Any person accused of injuring a co-parent, cohabitant or spouse is expected to avoid contact with the person who has made the allegations for a certain period of time following an arrest. If convicted, a person may face substantial monetary fines, as well as time in prison.

Specific charges carry different penalties that may be quite severe. Building a strong and aggressive defense is often crucial toward obtaining a positive outcome and minimizing the potential negative effects of a situation. One of the easiest means for seeking clarification of state and federal laws in order to determine all options that might be available as a defense is to contact an experienced criminal law attorney for guidance.

Restraining orders often accompany domestic violence charges in Wisconsin. Anyone who has been issued such an order is bound to refrain from all activity prohibited in the order. A defense attorney can explain all actions that would be considered violations of such orders, thereby making the accused vulnerable for further penalties under the law. Acting alongside experienced representation typically increases one’s chances of avoiding serious repercussions, regardless of whether a conviction is handed down in court.

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