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Minimize your chances of getting pulled over by police

Driving is a necessary part of life, but getting pulled over by the cops is an aspect of your travel that is mostly avoidable. The attention of police can be minimized by eliminating behaviors that give officers a reason to stop you and give you a ticket. If you do get pulled over, it’s important to remain polite, as a belligerent attitude is likely to only make the situation worse.

How to minimize the attention of police

  1. Don’t speed. Speeding is one of the easiest ways to get pulled over and earn yourself an expensive ticket to nowhere. The good news is that this behavior is entirely within your control, so if you’re serious about avoiding interactions with the cops, stick to the speed limit.
  2. Focus on the task at hand. Changing clothes, eating, shaving, making illegal U-turns and more are all unsafe activities that attract the attention of law officers who understand just how dangerous it can be to drive in a distracted manner.
  3. Keep your vehicle well maintained and up to date. Repair broken or burnt out lights promptly, keep your registration and plates up to date, and make sure you are not in violation of issues such as excessively loud exhaust pipes, dark tinted windows, etc.
  4. Give the driver in front of you some room and change lanes with care. Improper lane changes and following too closely behind increase your chances of being involved in an accident and of getting a ticket.
  5. Keep your cell phone out of your hands! Your eyes need to be focused on the road while driving, and cell phone use for talking or texting is the cause of a shocking number of accidents each year. Keep the phone out of your hands until you’ve stopped your vehicle to help stay safe and avoid the police.

Stay polite and don’t say much

If you do get pulled over, make sure to maintain a polite attitude. You don’t have to admit to anything and are better off saying as little as possible. Make sure to contact a skilled defense lawyer if you end up being arrested and/or charged with a crime before making potentially damaging statements to law enforcement officers.

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