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Man in Wisconsin accused of drug crimes

A man in Wisconsin will undoubtedly face several challenges in the near future after being arrested on a recent Wednesday evening. He is accused of drug crimes in Manitowoc County. The man was recently scheduled to make his first appearance in court.

Police say the initial events unfolded in May of 2016 when undercover drug agents made arrangements to purchase a controlled substance in the area. The man apparently did not realize the officers were working undercover, and met with them to deliver cocaine. He is said to have made several more deliveries to undercover agents over a period of time, and some reportedly included substantial amounts of heroin.

At some point, authorities claim plans were made for their covert agents to purchase more than 2 ounces of heroin from the man. Allegedly, when he arrived, police tried to take him into custody, but he fled the scene. Officers caught up with the man a short time later, but they say he must have tossed the heroin into a field. It was supposedly discovered there later by a police dog.

Police now say they have taken a significant heroin provider off the streets of Wisconsin. They also claim to have seized at least a significant amount of heroin from the man throughout the investigation. That amount is said to be worth approximately $30,000 on the street. Although the man was scheduled to appear in court, he has not yet been formally charged with drug crimes. Anyone facing a similar situation will obviously want to secure experienced defense guidance in the matter to increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court.

Source:, “Police: ‘Significant’ heroin source in Manitowoc Co. busted“, Courtney Ryan, July 14, 2016

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