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High school teacher admits to sex crimes in Wisconsin

A member of a Wisconsin high school faculty has pleaded guilty to sexual acts with a member of the student body. The 16-year-old involved told authorities that he and his teacher engaged in sexual activities at least 10 to 15 times. The woman, who has since admitted to the sex crimes, happens to be married. She is also reported to have sent the young man photos of herself while she was on her honeymoon with her husband.

Officials were alerted to a possible problem when several other students mentioned their concerns after seeing their friend exchange hand-written notes with the teacher. An investigation reportedly uncovered evidence that an illicit relationship did, in fact, exist between the two. Messages that expressed love for the teen and various terms of endearment were discovered on the teacher’s cell phone.

The woman’s husband apparently had caught his wife “hanging out” with her student in a parking lot at some point. Some say evidence suggests the woman was becoming increasingly worried that her relationship with the boy had been discovered. Authorities say they also found evidence that the teacher had gone online to research possible sentences for conviction of having sex with minor aged students.

The 28-year-old has only admitted to two sex crimes with the teen, even though his recollection of the frequency of events that transpired is much higher. Having pleaded guilty to the two formal accusations, the teacher faces up to six years behind bars. In similar situations, defendants in Wisconsin have often been able to reduce the potential negative consequences of their situations by relying on aggressive, experienced criminal defense assistance.


Source: New York Daily News, “Wisconsin teacher admits to having sex with 16-year-old student“, Max Gelman, Aug. 5, 2016

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