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Man and woman charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin

Many times, persons in Wisconsin accused of illegal wrongdoing are later able to explain a situation in such a way that they are no longer under suspicion. This is often the case where drug crimes are concerned. For instance, authorities may charge a person with a crime concerning a residence where drugs are found, but later determine the person had no idea the drugs were there.

Because such situations can be very complicated, it is advisable to seek legal guidance as soon as one becomes the subject of a drug investigation. A criminal defense lawyer can investigate the situation to carefully review all steps taken by law enforcement agents with regard to any search or seizure of supposed evidence that may have taken place. If it is determined that a defendant’s personal rights were violated in the process, a defense attorney can then challenge a portion or all of any criminal charges in court.

Recently, police were at a residence where a man and woman were located. They claim to have found a stolen All Terrain Vehicle on the premises. They also say they found illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Both the man and woman now face various charges, including possession of meth. For the time being, they are held in a county jail. Wisconsin is no different from other states in that anyone accused of drug crimes is presumed innocent, unless and until proved otherwise before a judge or jury. Therefore, it is typically in a defendant’s best interests to explore all options available to aggressively fight impending charges in order to obtain as positive an outcome as possible.

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