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Undercover operations and solicitation of prostitution charges

Police here in Wisconsin sometimes engage in undercover operations. These operations can have many goals. One goal such operations are sometimes aimed at is catching individuals soliciting prostitution.

Prostitution-solicitation-related undercover operations can vary in type and scope. These operations can end up ensnaring many individuals, including possibly individuals who haven’t actually done anything illegal.

When a person is facing solicitation of prostitution charges in relation to an undercover operation, the specifics of the operation can matter greatly. Many different details of an undercover operation can affect what options an individual accused of solicitation as a result of the operation has regarding their defense, including:

  • What types of evidence the operation yielded.
  • What the evidence found in the operation does and does not indicate.
  • The accuracy of the evidence found.
  • How police acquired the evidence.
  • The conduct police engaged in during the operation.

Thus, careful review of an undercover operation and its surrounding circumstances can be very important when a person is facing charges of solicitation of prostitution as a result of the operation.

Our firm has criminal defense experience in many different kinds of sex crime cases, including cases involving solicitation of prostitution charges. We understand the different sorts of issues that can come up in these types of sex offense cases, including issues regarding the details of a prostitution-solicitation-related undercover operation. We can assist individuals accused of soliciting prostitution with getting the information they need to have a proper understanding of their situation, rights and options when they are making big decisions in their case.

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