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There are fees for community supervision in Wisconsin

One of the things that some individuals convicted of a sex crime or other crime here in Wisconsin go through after their conviction is a period of community supervision. Examples of such periods include probation periods, parole periods and extended supervision periods. There are a variety of different circumstances under which a convicted individual may be assigned such a period.

Among the effects being under community supervision can have on a person are direct financial effects. This is because, when a person is under a supervision period, they actually have to pay, in part, for the supervision they are subject to. This is due to Wisconsin law requiring individuals under community supervision to pay supervision fees.

What is the amount of the supervision fee? It varies from person to person, as, under Wisconsin law, fee amount is tied to income level. The fees are monthly fees.

Failing to pay such fees when required to can have significant implications for a person under community supervision. There are a variety of different actions that could be taken against them in connection to such a failing.

As this discussion underscores, there are a vast range of different effects a person can be exposed to when they are under community supervision. Thus, what sort of community supervision periods they could be required to go through if convicted is among the things individuals facing criminal charges in Wisconsin should be aware of when making key decisions in their case. Criminal defense attorneys can help defendants with keeping well-informed on important issues throughout the course of their case.

Source: Wisconsin Department of Corrections, “Frequent Questions about Community Resources,” Accessed Dec. 21, 2015

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