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Is domestic violence its own separate crime in Wisconsin?

Some states have laws making domestic violence its own separate crime. Wisconsin is not one of these states.

The fact that there is no specific domestic violence charge in the state does not mean that individuals accused of domestic violence won’t be facing criminal charges. If a person accused of a domestic violence incident is alleged to have committed conduct during the incident that constitutes a crime under Wisconsin law, they can face charges of that crime. Battery charges and disorderly conduct charges are two types of charges that are commonly brought in connection to alleged domestic violence incidents here in Wisconsin.

When a person is accused of having committed battery, disorderly conduct or other crimes in relation to a domestic violence incident, their case can be quite different from normal cases involving those crimes. One reason for this is because, while Wisconsin does not make domestic violence its own separate crime, it does put some special rules in place for cases involving allegations and charges of crimes related to domestic violence incidents. These rules regard things like arrests and fees for convictions. Also, domestic violence allegations can have implications beyond exposing a person to criminal proceedings. For example, such allegations could have implications on a person’s rights to contact loved ones and their custody rights regarding their children.

As one can see, there are many things that cause domestic violence allegations to have a somewhat unique place in Wisconsin law. Thus, there are all sorts of special concerns and issues that can arise for individuals accused of domestic violence in the state. Skilled criminal defense attorneys can help individuals facing domestic violence allegations navigate the unique aspects of their legal situation and have a clear understanding of their rights.

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