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Fighting Wisconsin domestic violence charges

America is well-known for its passionate personal relationships. Most citizens of Milwaukee and the rest of the nation would not want to trade away this passion for anything, but sometimes our emotional involvement can get the best of us. This can happen in a number of ways as listed below.

— Actual domestic violence– Fabricated allegations of domestic violence– Embellishments made to the details of a heated, yet otherwise ordinary argument

When allegations are made in the heat of the moment, they can haunt a person for a long time. Police officers in the state are required to make an arrest when they are called to the scene of a reported domestic violence incident, so it is a sure bet someone will be taken into custody. Making an already bad situation even worse, prosecutors may pursue a domestic violence conviction even if the alleged victim drops the charges.

Along with the social and professional repercussions of federal or state domestic violence charges, defendants may also have to face harsh penalties, such as:

— Time in jail– Criminal record– Probation– Loss of firearm privileges

Other ways an arrest can affect defendants’ lives is by making a negative impact on family members and on child visitation or support.

It is important to understand the implications of an arrest for domestic violence, but it is equally important to know that a successful defense is possible. It may require a little work and a great deal of perseverance, but you can fight the charges made against you and restore your good name at the same time.

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