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Wisconsin drug manufacturing: Elements and consequences

A conviction for manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs can completely devastate one’s life. Wisconsin, like other American states, takes a harsh stance against such criminal activity and prosecutors are known to vigorously pursue convictions for the manufacture of illicit drugs. Those who are facing charges of manufacturing or cultivation would be wise to learn as much as possible about the charges themselves and the possible consequences should a conviction occur.

Some of the most common drugs cultivated or manufactured illegally include:

— Marijuana– Methamphetamine– Ecstasy– Cocaine– Mushrooms

What Constitutes Manufacturing?

Before officials can make a valid arrest for drug manufacturing, they must have enough evidence. This evidence typically includes laboratory equipment, marijuana seeds, ingredients used to make illegal drugs and growing or cultivating equipment. Without the combination of the drugs or its ingredients and appropriate equipment, police officers may have to settle for a simple possession arrest. For example, to arrest someone on the suspicion of manufacturing meth, police officials would need to find both the ingredients used to make the drug as well as manufacturing equipment.

Penalties Associated with Manufacturing

Specific penalties will depend upon the severity of the charges and the particular elements of the alleged crime. However, it is safe to say that they could be quite severe and often include fines in excess of $10,000 along with lengthy prison terms. No matter how you look at it, a conviction of drug manufacturing or cultivating will likely change a defendant’s life forever. The best way to either beat a drug manufacturing charge or get the charges reduced is by finding adequate legal representation early on.

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