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Avoid wrongful violent crimes convictions with good legal counsel

If you have ever wondered whether legal representation was the same across the board, you might be in for an awakening. While all attorneys have received an education about the law and passed their bar exams, defendants charged with violent crimes should not hesitate to choose their attorney with care. The reason for such caution is that many attorneys have different areas in which they may possess a great deal of knowledge and experience. By learning more about the background of an attorney and his or her practice areas, defendants are better able to make a choice that meets their defense needs.

According to the Center on Wrongful Convictions, there are many elements that may have played a part in a wrongful conviction. Those the Center specifically cites include incorrect witness identification, misleading forensic evidence and false confessions. As of 2012, Wisconsin came in at number eight among states with high wrongful conviction rates, highlighting the need for due diligence both in and out of the courtroom.

Regardless of the cause for such a ranking, the statistics shine a spotlight on the need to acquire a defense attorney who can work for the goal of justice in the most effective manner in each specific case. Typically, attorneys who fit this profile have many years of experience as well as an excellent record of accomplishment in representing defendants facing similar charges. This is especially crucial for defendants who are facing violent crime allegations such as murder or sexual assault, which raise the stakes considerably.

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