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Wisconsin mother faces jail time for sex acts involving son

A Milwaukee County Circuit judge has sentenced a 25-year-old Wisconsin woman to seven years in prison for possession of underage pornography. The charges against the woman stemmed from a series of incidents in which the woman allegedly engaged in sexual acts with her toddler son.

According to The Huffington Post, the woman allegedly made her 2-year-old son perform sex acts and use sex toys on her while recording at least two of the incidents that she then later shared with her half-brother who she was living with at the time. Court documents state that investigators became aware of the videos after the half-brother told her new boyfriend to check the woman’s computer. The boyfriend reportedly found numerous emails between the woman and her half-brother discussing sexual topics and the woman’s son. The boyfriend then notified the police.

In addition to her seven-year prison sentence, the woman has been ordered to have no contact with her son for a period of 17 years and must register as a sex offender on the state sex offender registry for live. The woman is also facing 10 felony counts in Racine County. She is expected to enter a guilty plea for those charges sometime in January.

Defendants who are facing possession of underage pornography charges may experience serious damage to their reputation in both their professional and personal life. An experienced Milwaukee criminal attorney may be able to work with a defendant in order to mitigate the charges or potentially help to limit jail time.

Source: Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, “Mom gets 7 years for child porn between herself and toddler son” Bruce Vielmetti, Nov. 25, 2014

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