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Keeping up with Internet laws in Wisconsin

As the Internet changes and develops, so do the laws and crimes that are associated with it. To some degree, this just means that crimes that have existed for a long time move over into the realm of Internet crime. For example, it was possible to steal someone’s identity back in the 1950s if you had the right paperwork, but most identity theft is now done on the Internet.

Because of this, there are new things that must be considered, such as:

– Where was the information obtained?- How was the information stolen?- How was it then used online?- Is there a significant data trail to show that any of this was really done?- How does digital evidence differ from a hard paper trail?- When do you actually have the right to see someone’s personal information? For example, an online vendor has legal access to credit card information when a purchase is made.- How was the information then distributed if it was passed out to a third party or a group online?- Who was responsible for keeping that information private?

As you can imagine, most laws that deal with the Internet are also relatively very young, as it has only been in use in its current state for a few decades. As Internet use expands in the future, laws and regulations are going to continue to shift, change and adapt. It is very important to understand even the most recent of laws if you are facing charges, helping you to uphold your rights.

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