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Wisconsin men face federal charges in alleged robbery spree

Two Wisconsin men are facing multiple charges for a string of alleged robberies after an indictment by a federal grand jury. The charges against the men include seven charges of unlawfully delaying, obstructing, affecting and attempting to obstruct, delay and affect commerce and the movement of articles and commodities in commerce by robbery, as well as seven charges for carrying and brandishing, and knowingly using a firearm during and in relation to a crime. In additions, one of the men also faces two charges for allegedly robbing a Domino’s Pizza, which resulted in an employee suffering a gunshot wound to the leg.

According to police, the charges against the men stemmed from a series of robberies that occurred in Milwaukee between the months of March and June. During this period of time, police state they believe the two men allegedly robbed Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts along with the Domino’s Pizza where the employee was shot.

A manager at an O’Reilly Auto Parts located on Silver Spring Drive reportedly told Fox 6 Now that the men allegedly came in to rob the store wearing all black clothes and full masks while carrying guns. She also stated that she knew the two men who reportedly had come into the store prior to the robberies.

The store has been robbed a total of four times, with the last robbery occurring on June 6. That is the day the two men were arrested. If convicted on the armed robbery charges, both men could face a lengthy sentence in prison.

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Source: Fox 6 Now, “Accused in rash of armed robberies targeting auto parts stores, men facing federal charges” Jenna Sachs, Sep. 18, 2014

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