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Wisconsin man facing over 10 years on methamphetamine charges

A 33-year-old man from Almond who was facing methamphetamine charges has been sentenced by a U.S. District judge to a 10.5- year prison sentence. The charges against the man stemmed from a traffic stop in which police allegedly found the drug methamphetamine in the man’s car.

According to court records, during the traffic stop police recovered 4 pounds of pure methamphetamine from the trunk of the man’s vehicle. When the methamphetamine was later tested, it was found to be 99.8-percent pure. During a subsequent interview with the man, investigators say that he allegedly told police that he had purchased the drugs in Las Vegas and was returning to the Wausau area to resell the methamphetamine.

In addition to the methamphetamine charges, court records state that during the time the man was in the Dane County Jail, he allegedly contacted his 32-year-old girlfriend and made arrangements for her to mail more drugs to him. After this further incident became discovered, the woman was also arrested and has reportedly pleaded guilty on a federal drug charge. She is expected to be sentenced on August 12. The man was given an additional six months on the new charge, bringing the sentence to the 10.5-year total.

Defendants who are facing federal drug charges could face lengthy prison sentences and stiff fines if they are convicted of these charges. An experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney may be able to work with a defendant and help to provide a criminal defense that could potentially reduce these types of charges or possibly limit jail time.

Source: Wausau Daily Herald, “Almond man sentenced on drug charges” Jul. 11, 2014

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