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Wisconsin man faces drug charges after cockfighting roosters tip

A 37-year-old Rock County man has been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and maintaining a drug trafficking house after his arrest on July 1. In addition, the man is also facing charges for allegedly instigating fights between animals.

The charges stemmed from an investigation that began after police received information that the man was allegedly supplying a breeding site to house cockfighting roosters. During a search of the Newark premises, however, Rock County investigators also found a crawlspace in the man’s residence that was reportedly being used as a place to hide marijuana.

According to authorities for the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, deputies recover 16 pounds of marijuana that were being stored in 15 packages that were hidden in the crawlspace. Investigators also recovered 61 roosters in cages that were the original subject of a four-month long investigation.

Authorities state that the roosters were deemed to be in no immediate need of medical care after an evaluation by staff at the Badger Veterinary Hospital. The man was expected to appear in court on July 3.

Drug crimes such as possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and maintaining a drug trafficking house can have serious consequences for a defendant that may include a lengthy jail sentence and fines if they are convicted. An experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney may be able to assist a defendant accused of these types of crimes by working to provide a strong criminal defense. They may also be able to assist defendants by helping to establish a plea agreement that could potentially reduce fines or limit jail time.

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