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Wisconsin man faces charges for alleged child sex crimes

A 48-year-old Portage County, Wisconsin, man remains behind bars at the Clark County Jail on a $20,000 cash bond after his arrest on May 20. The man has been charged with use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime and child enticement.

The charges stemmed from a reported incident in which the man allegedly exchanged messages over the Internet with who he thought was an underage girl. In his messages, he reportedly stated that he wanted to get the girl pregnant by having sex with her and that he would then bring her back to his place where they could live together.

The man was subsequently arrested when he arrived in Thorp to meet with the girl but discovered he was part of a sting operation set up by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office instead. Clark County also credited the Thorp Police Department for their assistance in the case.

Although the man reportedly initially told deputies that he was just talking, he allegedly later recanted, saying that he did plan to have sex with the girl and bring her back to his residence. Clark County investigators continue to investigate in the case.

An internet crime that involves using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime could have serious consequences such as a lengthy jail sentence if a defendant is convicted. Presenting a strong defense is necessary in such cases, and the advice of an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney can prove helpful.

Source: WQOW 18, “Police: Portage County man arrested in Thorp, expected to meet underage girl for sex,” June 17, 2014

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