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Wisconsin man receives probation after for alleged drug charges

A 20-year-old Marshfield man has received three years on probation for a misdemeanor battery and multiple drug charges. In addition to the misdemeanor battery charge, the man had also been charged with marijuana possession, felony bail jumping and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

According to court documents, the charges against the man stemmed from a series of alleged incidents that began in January 2012, when a 17-year-old teenager reportedly attempted to dupe the man out of $150 worth of marijuana. He allegedly took two $1 bills and placed them around a powdered drink packet in an effort to make it look like $150. After duping the man, the teenager later reportedly received a phone call warning him that he needed to pay for the marijuana he had received. The boy later arranged to buy the marijuana from somewhere else but when he arrived at the location, the man was waiting for him. The defendant allegedly punched the 17-year-old several times in the face as punishment for not giving him the rest of the money for the marijuana.

A couple of months later, the man was the subject of a second criminal complaint after a roommate reportedly called the Marshfield police to ask for a civil standby so that he could remove his things from the residence where the man lived. While waiting for the roommate, the officer that was present at the scene during the move out allegedly caught the aroma of marijuana and observed marijuana in the residence.

A third and final complaint against the man was reportedly filed in September 2012. Drug paraphernalia and marijuana was allegedly discovered in the man’s vehicle, which was left in a parking lot after a vehicle had been stopped for a moving violation. According to court records, when the people got out of the stopped vehicle, a small packet of marijuana allegedly fell out of someone’s pocket, leading to the search of the man’s vehicle.

As part of the conditions for the man’s probation, he must receive counseling for the various charges as well as pay a $1,676 fine. He was also sentenced to a 180-day jail sentence for which he received a stay. If the man meets the conditions of his probation, he reportedly can have his criminal record erased.

Drug charges can have serious consequences such as jail time and fines for those who are convicted. An experienced Wisconsin attorney can provide valuable advice for defendants as they navigate the criminal justice system.

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