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Wisconsin men arrested for child sex crimes after traffic stop

A 22-year-old man and his 52-year-old male counterpart who are both facing charges for alleged human trafficking and sexual assault, were scheduled to appear in court on Friday for their initial hearings. The 22-year-old man has been charged with being party to the crime of second degree sexual assault and trafficking of a child, while the 52-year-old man faces similar charges of being party to a second degree sexual assault, sex with a child 16 or older and soliciting a child for prostitution.

The charges against the two men stemmed from a routine traffic stop that occurred on April 23, when Sheboygan County sheriff deputies pulled over a vehicle that a 17-year-old girl from Milwaukee was riding in. According to investigators, the deputy who initially stopped the vehicle observed that the occupants of the vehicle were behaving suspiciously. In a subsequent interview, investigators discovered that the girl had allegedly been sexually assaulted while at a Schleswig residence in Manitowoc County.

According to court documents, the girl was taken by the sheriff’s deputies into protective custody and later reunited with a parent. The case was then transferred from Sheboygan County over to authorities in Manitowoc County, who arrested and took the men into custody.

Sex crimes against children can cause severe damage to a defendant’s personal life and those that are convicted could face a lifetime of registering in the sex offender registry if they are convicted. An experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney could assist defendants by helping to provide them with a strong legal defense and could help to possibly reduce charges or lessen jail time.

Source: WTAQ, “Manitowoc County authorities charge two men in child sex trafficking case” Jeff Flynt, May. 01, 2014

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