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Violent crimes lead to man’s mental exam

A 36-year-old Fall River man who is facing multiple charges in three different counties for an alleged crime spree, is expected to undergo a federal mental health exam after he is transferred into federal custody. The man has been charged with three federal counts of firearm possession by a felon along with two charges in Dane County, 22 charges in Iowa County and 16 charges in Grant County.

According to court documents, the charges stemmed from a two-day series of incidents that allegedly began on Sept. 9 after the man reportedly got into an altercation with another man and stabbed the man in Madison. The Fall River man next proceeded to the rural area of Cassville where he forcibly removed a farmer from his residence and then stole the farmer’s truck. This would later lead to a high speed chase near Mount Horeb, resulting in the man’s eventual arrest.

Although the Assistant United States Attorney handling the case reportedly stated in a letter written to the U.S. Magistrate Judge that he believes the Fall River man does actually suffer from a mental illness, he also believes that the man is attempting to avoid having to face the judge in federal court. If convicted of the federal charges, each charge would carry a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison.

Federal charges such as firearm possession by a felon can have long-term consequences for defendants if they are convicted of their crimes. An experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney could help a defendant to establish a solid criminal defense and may be able to assist with ensuring that the defendant is treated fairly during the lengthy legal process.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal, “Man charged in three-county crime spree to face federal mental health exam” Ed Treleven, Apr. 17, 2014

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