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Mukwonago teenager faces sexual assault charges in Madison

An 18-year-old Mukwonago high school student has been charged with one count of third degree sexual assault for the alleged rape of a female University of Wisconsin student. The charges stemmed from a Dec. 14 incident in which the teenager allegedly entered the dorm room of the female student after he had been drinking and reportedly forced her to have sex with him without her consent.

According to court documents, the student had previously been exchanging texts with the teenager earlier in the night saying he wanted to come and see her, but she had told him it was late and she was studying for a final. She also told officers that she had told him not to come because the police were looking for a man who was wandering around on campus.

She stated that later on, however, she heard someone outside of her room ask for directions and then the teenager entered the room. After sitting down next to her, he then allegedly began trying to have sex with her despite her protests.

During the police interview, the student stated that she reportedly tried moving away from him, but he followed her up into her loft bed and proceeded to have sex with her. After he was finished, she convinced him to leave, but later sent a text telling him that he had sexually assaulted her. She stated that during the text conversation he replied that she agreed to have sex with him. The student admitted to police that she had consensual sex with him in the past, but no longer wanted to have a relationship with him and had been avoiding him.

Although the teenager was recently recruited to play football for the University of Wisconsin, he has yet to sign his letter of intent. He now could face a maximum of 10 years in prison and $25,000 in fines if convicted.

Sex crimes such as sexual assault can have serious consequences for a defendant that could include jail time. An experienced Wisconsin attorney could work to ensure that a defendant is treated fairly during the legal process.

Source: Fox 6 Now, “Mukwonago student-athlete charged with sexual assault at UW” Katie DeLong, Mar. 17, 2014

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