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Madison man sentenced to 43 years for photos of unconscious women

A 29-year-old Madison man has been sentenced to 38 years for the alleged sexual assault of seven women. The sentence will overlap with another sentence of 15 years that the man received in federal court in January for the exploitation of a child, of whom the man allegedly took nude photographs, resulting in a combined sentence of 43 years between federal and state prison.

The arrest and charges against the man stemmed from an incident in October 2012 when a 17-year-old girl reportedly shared a cab ride home with the man after the two left a bar together. According to police documents, the girl stated that she had become unconscious at the man’s house, but recalled certain events that had occurred while she was at his residence.

During a subsequent search of the man’s home, police allegedly found a cache of photographs and videos on the man’s computer that reportedly spanned over a four year period. Police were later able to identify the images of six of the women as some of the co-workers with whom the man had been employed and working. Police further stated that during interviews with the woman it became apparent that none of them had realized that they were photographed or videotaped because they had been unconscious during the time the photographs and videos had taken place.

Sexual crimes such as sexual assaults against women and sexual exploitation of a child are serious offenses that could result in a lengthy prison sentence. An experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney might be able to assist in reducing these types of charges and could work to ensure that the defendant is treated fairly throughout the legal process.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal, “Brian Stowe gets 38 years in prison for sex assaults, pictures of unconscious women” Ed Treleven, Mar. 15, 2014

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