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Racine man faces drug charges after home and car search

A 56-year-old Racine, Wisconsin, man is scheduled to be in court on Thursday after being charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place and possession with intent to deliver. The charges were made after Racine Police executed two search warrants for the man’s home and car. The man was reportedly detained and eventually arrested by police officers after his vehicle was pulled over near the Interstate 94 exit near Highway G in Caledonia.

According to court records, police allegedly discovered three storage containers containing 281 grams of high-grade marijuana with an estimated street value of $12,000 while searching the man’s car. A subsequent search of the man’s Lake Vista Court residence in Caledonia, revealed both a backpack and a wooden box that allegedly contained an additional 122.6 grams of the high-grade marijuana, making a total of 403.6 grams that was reportedly recovered between the man’s vehicle and residence.

Police also discovered a small digital scale and a large kitchen-style scale along with plastic bags that are typically considered to be used for the packaging of marijuana. Prosecutors have stated that due to these discoveries, they have charged the man with maintaining a drug trafficking place, since they believe he allegedly weighed and packaged the high-grade marijuana for the purpose of distributing the drugs from his vehicle.

If convicted on both charges, the man could be sentenced to up to 9.5 years in prison and fines of $20,000.

Drug charges such as drug trafficking and drug distribution are a serious offense and those that are convicted could face a lengthy jail sentence. An experienced attorney may be able to help by providing a defendant with a good legal defense.

Source: The Journal Times, “Report:$12K worth of marijuana found in Caledonia man’s home and vehicle” Mark Schaaf, Feb. 14, 2014

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