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Man faces underage pornography charges after tricking Wisconsin girl

The Internet is a great way for people to communicate, but it is also a good way for people to seek out underage children and take advantage of them. This happened to a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl after a man allegedly tricked her into taking nude photos of herself.

The Ohio man now faces federal underage pornography charges. His online activities with the girl began in November 2010. The girl and her mother went to police after they discovered nude photos on the girl’s Facebook page.

The man had contacted the girl and told her that his daughter wanted to chat with her. The man – posing as the daughter – then asked the girl to take nude photos of herself. The girl refused at first but then gave in after the man insisted. The girl sent 15 photos of herself and found them on her Facebook page the next day.

The girl’s mother emailed the man, but he threatened her, saying he would give the photos to the mainstream media. He then hacked the girl’s brother’s Facebook page and posted the photos there.

After three years, the man was finally caught on the morning of Dec. 26 after he stole his grandmother’s vehicle and ran out of gas. He told police he was on his way to meet the girl and possibly kill her.

Because this is a federal charge, the man could face felony charges for his alleged crime, These charges can cause damage to reputation and therefore, he should seek a solid defense in order to reduce his charges.

Source:  Mansfield News Journal, “Cyber stalking probe leads to child porn charge” Linda Martz, Jan. 01, 2014

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