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Woman charged with fraud agrees to pay restitution

Wisconsin residents may be interested to learn that an Arizona woman was charged with fraud after allegedly paying two parents to claim that their children were attending her daycare. As a result, she was able to bill the State of Wisconsin for more than $20,000 for their care. She submitted a plea.

In this alleged scheme, what has become known as an envelope scheme, the parents receive authorization from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to enroll their children into a daycare program. While they do enroll their children, the children do not actually attend the facility. Regardless, the provider fills out the attendance report that claims that the children are attending the facility.

According to one senior fraud investigator for the DCF, the woman is believed to have received at least $30,000 from DCF for the care of children from eight families that was not actually provided. The defense and prosecution disagreed over the amount of the alleged theft and settled on $24,000.

While the punishments were also the center of an argument between the prosecution and defense, the woman has taken steps admit her mistake and to begin to make restitution. The judge noted that the woman was cooperating. She has already paid $10,000 restitution. Under the plea agreement, she will pay back the remaining $14,000 and will have three years of probation.

Allegations of theft can have very serious punishments if the individual is convicted on these types of charges. However, an experienced Wisconsin attorney may be able to help their client by creating a strong defense based on the available evidence. In addition, the attorney may be able to have the charges or the punishments reduced by having their client pay restitution.

Source: Burnett County Sentinel, "Martin to repay funds from daycare fraud", Todd Beckmann, August 01, 2013

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