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Sexual Crimes and Criminal Defense

Over 60 charges of sexual misconduct have been filed on a Wisconsin man, relating to second-degree sexual assault and capturing images of nudity without consent. A federal charge also faces this man for underage pornography by using a 17-year old girl in his photography. In response to these charges, his criminal defense lawyer has pleaded not guilty on his behalf. Court hearings proceed in early September to further delve into the case.

Victims of the man were mostly lured from the place of his work, which is a software company near Madison. It is unclear how the man was able to convince these women to enter his place of residence. Most reports are very obscure, as the majority of the information about the case has not been released. The majority of the evidence will be revealed during the court proceedings due in a few weeks' time.

After any sexual crime, whether it is related to assault, pornography, or even rape, proper evidence must be obtained to have any kind of case. Whether it is video, photography, or biological samples, these items are the only means to obtain a charge. A criminal defense lawyer specializing in these specific cases are often called to help an individual determine pleas or bargains, as well as discuss certain avenues that can be taken to ease legal repercussions.

Reports have yet to determine the chances of the not-guilty plea succeeding. Most information should come to light when court resumes in September. In relation to this case, the evidence against the man, if presented in court, may be detrimental to his plea of not guilty. However, with appropriate legal intervention by a qualified criminal defense attorney, it is possible for him to find ways of protecting his rights during and after the proceedings.

Source: Greenbay Gazette, "Not-guilty pleas in Wisconsin drugged sex assaults", July 30, 2013

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