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Man sentenced to two years in prison on drug trafficking charges

A Wisconsin man received a two-year prison sentence on Aug. 5 after being convicted on drug trafficking charges. The 30-year-old man pleaded no contest to all charges, which consisted of four counts of felony delivery of heroin and cocaine. Several other felony charges were dismissed. He was taken into custody after allegedly being involved in 11 different monitored drug-buys over a two month period in 2012.

He will have five years of extended supervision once he leaves prison. The court ordered him to submit to a chemical dependency evaluation, to submit to random urinalysis and to not possess, use or consume drugs. In addition, he was also ordered to pay approximately $2,000 in restitution and various court costs.

The state of Wisconsin takes drug trafficking allegations very seriously. In addition to potential jail sentences and court costs, any convictions go on the individual's criminal record and may keep them from securing housing, employment and any loans or financial aid. However, an experienced Wisconsin attorney may help by protecting the individual's rights while they await their trial. For example, they may advise their client about the options available to them and explain any expectations when it comes to the possible outcome of the trial.

The attorney may provide a strong representation during the trial. In addition, the attorney may build a strong defense around the unique situation of each case. They may use witness testimony, police reports and other evidence to defend their client. They may also analyze the evidence to determine if any of their client's rights were violated during the apprehension, search or seizure.

Source: Superior Telegram, "Duluth man gets prison time", August 09, 2013

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