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Meth dealing is an increasing problem in Wisconsin

Wisconsin police are concerned about the increase in meth dealing in the state. While they acknowledge that most of the drugs are coming in from Minnesota, the main concern for Wisconsin authorities is the increase in property crimes that are related to meth use. Because the drug is expensive, users often steal copper and burglarize homes and barns to get money to buy meth.

Though law enforcement made a great effort to reduce the prevalence of meth in Wisconsin years ago, the drug seems to have gained popularity in local communities. A northwestern Wisconsin sheriff reports that meth cases in his county doubled from 2011 to 2012. Most of the cases are not related to making meth, but dealing it. As police are becoming more aware of the problem, dealers are using more creative ways to transport the drugs. For example, officers have found meth hidden soda cans with screwed-off lids.

Methamphetamine is not yet a problem in Wisconsin high schools. The most prevalent drugs found in schools are marijuana and prescription medications. School officials remain concerned, though, because teens who use marijuana often experiment with stronger and more expensive drugs, such as meth.

Police are actively pursuing meth dealers and those who are committing property crimes to get money to buy meth. Because drug crimes carry heavy legal penalties, many of those who are charged with meth-related offenses could choose to work with a lawyer who has experience in criminal defense. An attorney may be able to negotiate with prosecutors to have an accused individual released on bail and may even be able to get charges reduced through a plea bargain without going to trial.

Source: WEAU.com, "Northwestern Wisconsin meth problem on the rise", Olga Michail, June 29, 2013

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