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Wisconsin man convicted for possession of underage pornography

A Wisconsin man has been convicted after he admitted to possessing underage pornography. He was taken into custody over one year ago after police discovered child porn videos during a search of his home. The man will face a jail sentence of up to one year. His name will also be listed on the sex offender registry, and he will be on probation for 15 years after he leaves jail.

The charges for possession of underage pornography become more severe as the number of photographs or videos recovered increases. An individual can be charged with a separate crime for each video or photograph that they possess.

Individuals who are accused of sex crimes face serious consequences. They may face a jail sentence and they may have to register on the sex offender registry. Once an individual is placed on the registry, they lose their right to privacy and may be shunned by the community.

However, an individual who is accused or convicted of sex crimes, particularly when those crimes involve children, may also face irreversible damage to their reputation and social life. They may lose family and friends due to the accusations, and they may miss out on employment opportunities or acceptance into a university.

In many of these cases, however, the allegations are untrue or overstated. An experienced Wisconsin sex crimes defense attorney may be able to help protect their client's rights. Based on the alleged crime, the attorney may be able to keep their client off of the sex offender registry and out of jail. The attorney may be able to provide a strong defense and representation in court. The attorney may also be able to investigate the case and explain the best options available to his or her client.

Source: WQOW 18 News, "Spooner man gets jail time for possessing child porn", Keith Edwards, June 21, 2013

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