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Attorneys offer hope to those charged with drug trafficking

The recent arrest of four Milwaukee men for the distribution of cocaine brings to light to the alarming issues of illegal drug use and the intent to distribute illegal drugs.

The men, ranging in age from 23 to 58, were all arrested during a police sting operation. Police, still investigating the case, kept their statements vague, mentioning only the possession of cocaine and possible intent to distribute it. One of the men also had other outstanding warrants. All four are in jail.

Illegal drug charges have serious consequences and can happen suddenly, such as during a routine traffic stop or, if police have enough evidence, a drug warrant and search and seizure action. Drug charges can range from possessing drug paraphernalia, drug manufacturing to intent to distribute. But it is not just cocaine and marijuana that bring about drug charges and land people in jail. Even prescription drugs can bring about charges if someone is selling and distributing them to others.

Those charged may find the use of a criminal law attorney experienced with drug-related crime charges to be advantageous. These attorneys may be able to help people facing serious drug charges by offering options because they know how the drug laws work. They may be able to mount a defense for accused drug offenders that can result in reduced charges or drug diversion programs. Those accused with drug crimes might even be able to avoid jail time completely with the right criminal defense attorney pleading their case and advocating for them.

Source: WXOW.com, "Four Arrested in Trempealeau Co. Drug Bust", Pete Zervakis, May 05, 2013

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