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April 2013 Archives

Inmate charged with 15 years in jail after multiple crimes

A 19-year-old man was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in jail for possession of a firearm after breaking out of the Black River Correctional Center in Wisconsin and committing multiple crimes. He had only 30 days left of a prior prison sentence for burglary and arson.Along with a 29-year-old inmate, the man escaped the facility on July 18th, 2012 and committed the federal crimes of firearm and auto theft. The two criminals also kidnapped and later released a woman in the process. Days after engaging in a high-speed auto chase with authorities and assaulting and robbing a store clerk in Florida, the two men were arrested.

Teenager arrested after allegedly offering drugs to police

A 17-year-old Gresham resident allegedly wished to sell drugs on April 7 and sent a text to a potential buyer. He used a telephone number that was provided to him, but it is not stated how he obtained the number. The boy sent a text asking for $120 and an unknown quantity of cigarettes in exchange for 42 pills containing Tylenol with codeine. At the time, he was at a private home in Shawano.The person on the other end of the telephone number, however, was the Stockbridge-Munsee Chief of Police. The police department had allegedly set up a fake drug purchase in order to try to catch persons selling drugs. As a result of the sting operation, the boy was arrested on suspicion of committing drug crimes.

Government highlights sexual assault awareness during April

The federal government has designated April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The focus of SAAM is to increase information about sex crimes and sexual violence along with preventative measures for both adults and children. When children are given appropriate information on healthy sexuality, the adults in their lives can help protect them against child sexual abuse. SAAM helps raise awareness and the promotion of teaching proper boundaries. It also teaches children that the word "no" is appropriate to say. The group encourages the modeling of positive attitudes and behaviors toward sexuality and highlights possible risk factors for sexual abuse.

Wisconsin man faces drug charges after Greenfield incident

In late March, a 20-year-old Milwaukee resident was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute after he was involved in an October incident in Greenfield. Because the man has a prior conviction, if he is convicted, he is subject to up to 21.5 years of imprisonment and fines of up to $35,000. On Oct. 4, 2012, the man was pulled over by police in Greenfield for reasons that were not specified. As a result of the stop, officers arrested the man for several crimes, including drunk driving. Police allegedly found a loaded gun in his car, along with drug paraphernalia, marijuana and cocaine. 

Wisconsin man allegedly sold cocaine to his doctor

A Caledonia doctor accused of participating in a multicounty cocaine distribution ring that span into other states became an informant for the federal government. Upon becoming an informant, he identified one of his patients as a dealer and befriended another in an attempt to buy cocaine undercover. The attorneys of the alleged dealer have filed four motions to have the charges against him dismissed due to a breach in doctor-patient confidentiality. He is charged with three felonies.

Milwaukee ID theft ring allegedly took bills from mailboxes

Milwaukee residents are cautioned not to leave outgoing mail in their mailboxes for an extended period of time, especially overnight. Postal inspectors apprehended a man believed to be the leader of an identity theft ring. Members of the ring allegedly opened mailboxes, took outgoing mail that had been placed in the box for pickup, and used the information found within to steal the identities of consumers. Investigators for the postal inspectors spent many years seeking evidence that implicated a person they believed to be involved in the ring. Eventually, they were able to search his home. The suspect was charged with committing two white collar crimes and was found guilty of forgery. He will serve four years of imprisonment.

Internet sting results in 17 arrests

More than a dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies investigated alleged online sexual predators and took 17 people into custody in Wisconsin between March 12 and 14 for allegedly committing crimes against children. The Department of Justice dubbed the effort to locate persons involved in sex crimes "Operation Black Veil." While 16 individuals were from Wisconsin, one man reportedly drove to the state from Illinois to pursue a girl he believed was 15. The men ranged in age from to 19 to 66, and they were arrested for a variety of charges, including trafficking of a child, child enticement, using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, exposing a child to harmful materials and solicitation of a prostitute. Some were also arrested for drug crimes and other non-sexual offenses. The police continue to investigate other individuals who may be involved and warned predators that they could also be arrested. 

New twists in Racine County sex crime case

The attorney for a 32-year-old former teacher in Racine County has requested that the judge charge a teen with distributing child porn after she sent naked pictures of herself to the teacher, who is accused of having sex with her. The attorney's move was made in response to the prosecution charging the man with possession of underage pornography after pictures of the girl were uncovered on his phone and computer during their investigation in February 2012. The request may have raised more problems for the accused man, who was dealt additional federal charges March 22. The Racine County teacher faces two misdemeanor charges of sex crimes for involvement with a child older than 15 in addition to the charges related to the "lewd" pictures, and the most recent charge of production of underage pornography was issued March 19. He has pleaded not guilty to all counts. 

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