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Man sees sex crime charges issued against him dropped

The mere allegations of a sex crime have the potential to devastate an individual in Milwaukee. If someone accuses an individual of a sex crime, even before a charged individual ever sees a courtroom, the court of public opinion can be quick to condemn the charged individual. In some instances, the allegations are simply not true. Yet, there can still be permanent damage to an accused individual's reputation in the eyes of the community.

An out-of-state man had rape charges issued against him dropped last month. The man was charged when a woman showed authorities a text message in which the man supposedly admitted to and apologized for sexually assaulting the woman. However, the charges against the man were dropped when it began to appear as though the woman claiming to be a victim actually hacked into the man's phone to type and send the text message.

Essentially, this woman appears to have fake evidence that lead to this man being charged with a terrible crime that carries serious consequences. The woman could now face criminal charges following this action.

This man is relieved that he is no longer facing charges, but he likely still feels the sting of coming under such allegations. At the time that these charges were dropped, it was still unclear if this man had returned to his full duties in his role as a recognized firefighter in his community.

Thankfully, likely in large part to a strong criminal defense attorney, this individual had the charges against him dropped when the evidence against him was called into question. Individuals in Milwaukee that come under similar serious criminal charges would do well to seek the experience of a sex crime defense attorney.

Source: CBS Detroit, "Rape Charges Dropped Against Michigan Firefighter," Feb. 12, 2013

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