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Lawyers can be assets during police interrogation

When police are looking to catch a criminal, they may use certain tactics to persuade, coerce or scare a suspect into admitting a crime. There are limits to these tactics, though, and when they are deemed illegal, the resulting confession may be ruled inadmissible.

Milwaukee alderman finishes federal prison term, awaits more time

A former member of the Common Council for the city of Milwaukee just finished serving a sentence in federal prison and has already reported to a correctional facility in Franklin, Wisconsin, for another term behind bars -- this time on state charges. The 43-year-old man had just two days of freedom in between his sentences, which were handed down after he was convicted of a number of crimes.

No prison for Wisconsin attorney convicted of embezzlement

Crimes that involve the theft or mishandling of business' or individuals' money may not fall into the same category as more violent offenses such as homicide or robbery, but that doesn't mean people convicted of them don't face serious penalties. White collar crimes typically result in prison time, fines and restitution, which is a requirement to pay back some or all of the stolen funds.

Child pornography minimum sentences enforced in Wisconsin

As we've discussed in past blog posts, the penalties for sex offenses -- particularly those involving children -- are severe in Wisconsin. But until fairly recently, there has always been some leeway for judges and juries in recommending appropriate sentences. That changed in April, when a new enforcing mandatory minimum sentences for underage pornography possession went into effect.

Former Wisconsin coach, principal takes plea deal in drug case

Although national public opinion of marijuana appears to be shifting toward greater acceptance, with some states legalizing the drug under certain circumstances, drug laws in Wisconsin haven't. People caught manufacturing, possessing or distributing marijuana can still face harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences. But having effective legal representation can make a significant difference in how your case is handled.

Acting coach accused of sex offenses involving Wisconsin teens

A criminal conviction for almost any type of crime has the potential to derail a career, but few are as damaging as a sex offense, particularly one that involves children. Even when minors are nearing adulthood, they are considered highly vulnerable. Any sexual activity between adults and teenagers is just as illegal as that with younger children, regardless of whether the activity is consensual.

International underage pornography investigation nets Wisconsin man

It used to be that those who engaged in underage pornography and other sex offenses only had to worry about being caught by police in the areas where they lived. By taking only the most basic steps to conceal their identity and their location, they were often safe from arrest and prosecution. But today's law enforcement tactics are much more sophisticated. Not only do investigators have more technology and other tools to track down sex offenders, but they've teamed up to support each other's efforts, even relying on officials in other countries to help them catch sex crime suspects.

Man to be sentenced in Milwaukee-area money laundering case

A sentencing date has been set in federal court for the last of eight people who were indicted in an alleged money laundering scheme from a Milwaukee-area company. The SC Johnson company, based in Racine, sued individuals after they say they found a scheme in which a trucking company was deducting kickbacks. The company was awarded millions of dollars for damages, and eight people were indicted in a criminal case.

Wisconsin probation officer battling drug charges, addiction

It's no secret that drug addiction has the power to ruin lives. Drug use can greatly affect personal and professional judgment, leading people to make poor decisions that lead to criminal charges and other major problems. Unfortunately, many people convicted of drug crimes aren't given the resources to overcome their addictions and have a successful future. And incarceration without effective treatment often leads to more criminal behavior.

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