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December 2012 Archives

Milwaukee court official's tax fraud trial sees more delays

Fans of TV courtroom dramas are often led to believe that criminal trials can begin and end in a matter of days. In reality, they can and usually do take much longer -- even years, in some cases -- due to delays brought on by venue changes, new evidence or minute technicalities that are too boring or complicated to be included in any television show. This is especially true when it comes to white collar crimes.

Racine County sheriff adds Internet crimes investigator to staff

Sex crimes involving children have made major headlines this year across the country, from the Jerry Sandusky trial to the Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese sex abuse scandal. Their prominence has led many Wisconsin residents to wonder whether sexual offenses against children have increased or are simply being reported more often. Either way, the issue has led to more sexual abuse reporting laws and tougher penalties for people convicted of sex crimes against children.

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear high-profile sexual assault case

Sexual assault cases are rarely open-and-shut procedures. Like any other criminal case, prosecutors have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant did all the things his or her accuser alleges. This burden of proof typically involves providing both testimony and physical evidence, but in some cases these can be difficult to get. If the alleged victim is unwilling to cooperate, the prosecution must find other ways to convince a jury of the defendant's guilt.

Wisconsin bank executive next in line for federal charges

One of several business executives implicated in an elaborate fraud scheme was charged late last week in Madison. The 67-year-old Mosinee, Wisconsin, man is the fourth defendant to face federal charges in the case; others have already been convicted and sentenced to prison.

Man who tried to frame landlord convicted of underage pornography

As regular readers of this blog know, sex offense convictions usually come with stiff penalties. The same could be said of attempts to frame another person for a sex offense, as one Wisconsin resident may learn when he's sentenced in February for the crime.

Defendant gets 15 years for Wisconsin man's drug overdose death

If you were to interview most of Wisconsin's criminal prosecutors, they would probably tell you that prosecution of drug crimes remains a high priority across the state. From the trafficking of illegal drugs to the fatal overdose of users, drugs are seen as a serious problem by law enforcement authorities and court officials. That's one reason drug charges come with such high penalties.

Fraud, theft charges dropped in Milwaukee pastor's criminal case

There's a good reason why Wisconsin residents dread the income tax season. Filing income tax returns can be time-consuming, complicated and, unless you're an accountant or tax attorney, rather boring. It can also be very confusing, which is why the IRS rejects thousands of returns every year due to errors.

Wauwatosa man accused of soliciting minor over Internet

Police investigations aimed at catching online sexual predators are on the increase. Federal and local officials routinely arrest people after posing as minors online and trying to interact with adults looking for sexual encounters with underage people. The objective is to get a suspect to initiate illegal activity for which they can be arrested.

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