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November 2012 Archives

Former aide to governor admits to embezzling funds

White collar crimes are crimes that typically involve theft. Although white collar crimes are very different from violent crimes, people who are convicted of a white collar crime can face some of the same serious penalties.

Wisconsin sex offender released from civil commitment

In past blog posts we've discussed the concept of civil commitment for sex offenders who are deemed too high-risk for release after serving a sentence in prison or juvenile detention. People who are held in civil commitment facilities can languish there for years, possibly without getting any treatment because in many facilities it's optional. Civil commitment is highly controversial because it restricts freedom based on a mere assumption that someone will reoffend if they are released. At the same time, many people believe that a past offender's freedom isn't worth the risk of another crime.

Federal tax fraud leads to jail, restitution for Wisconsin man

Although it's easy to feel jaded when it comes to achieving the American dream, it's still possible to build one's own success from the ground up. Whether you immigrated to the United States or were born here, everyone deserves to profit from hard work, talent and a willingness to persevere.

Implementing Good Samaritan law could reduce overdose deaths

The recent overdose and subsequent arrest of rocker Jon Bon Jovi's daughter brings to light the one-two punch of calling 911 to save a life -- and then being arrested. After all, drug possession is against the law, so if police are called to the scene, isn't it their job to arrest those breaking the law?

Sex crime accusations against CEO dismissed

Conceding that they lacked evidence to proceed to trial, prosecutors recently dropped their case against a corporate CEO accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl at a swimming pool. The sex offense prosecution had been hanging over the businessman's head for three years. Unfortunately, even when criminal charges are dismissed or a defendant is found not guilty at trial, the negative consequences often linger on, ruining the accused's personal and professional reputation.

Milwaukee sexual assault suspect pleads no contest, avoids jail

Earlier this year we told you about a Milwaukee man who was facing sexual assault charges based on the allegations of a woman who was applying to work for him. After multiple delays in the case, it appears to have been resolved with a plea agreement. But the outcome is somewhat unusual for a sex crime.

Wisconsin men accused in fatal drug overdose face federal charges

This week's election saw the passage of drug decriminalization measures in three states. Voters in those states elected to legalize recreational and/or medicinal marijuana, which suggests the country is turning a corner when it comes to drug tolerance. But here in Wisconsin, state officials are still determined to prosecute those involved in the illegal drug trade, and federal laws against drug use, possession and distribution haven't gotten any less stringent.

Suspect in 1970 rape, murder could be committed indefinitely

You've heard the phrase countless times, from your high school civics teacher to your favorite courtroom dramas on television: innocent until proven guilty. This principle of the United States legal system seems to be one of the few that everyone knows, yet there have been countless attempts to circumvent it in an effort to punish someone for a crime simply because they appear to have done it.

Prisons for white collar crime offenders no cakewalk

There is a popular myth that those convicted of financial crimes such as insider training, money laundering, business fraud, securities violations and theft have an easy time in prison. In reality, that is hardly the case. Those convicted of white collar crimes in Wisconsin, if they have been misled into expecting placement in a "country club" type of prison, may be in for a rude awakening -- literally.

Wisconsin man sentenced for possession of underage pornography

A Wisconsin man was sentenced to spend the next 90 months in prison following his conviction for possession of underage pornography. His arrest comes as part of a massive police effort to crack down on the possession and distribution of underage pornography images and videos.

Man faces life in prison for drug charges, flight

U.S. law treats drug distribution charges very seriously, and suspects who face multiple charges can easily find themselves sentenced to extremely long prison terms. This is the situation that a Wisconsin man finds himself in this month after being arrested and charged with cocaine distribution. If convicted, the 28-year-old man may spend the rest of his life in prison.

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