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Wisconsin woman, 19, faces drug, white collar crime charges

Often on this blog we discuss the effect that a criminal conviction can have on a defendant's reputation. Many people find they have a harder time securing a good job or housing once they have a black mark on their record. This problem can be even worse for very young defendants and people convicted of multiple crimes.

Milwaukee man indicted in federal sex trafficking case

Although law enforcement and court officials are intent on preventing and prosecuting all forms of sex crimes, some offenses may receive more attention than others, especially when a great number of victims is involved. National public awareness of sex trafficking is growing, and police have stepped up their efforts to stop the crime itself from spreading further.

Wisconsin man charged in child Internet sex crime

The appeal of Internet chat rooms is usually being able to hide behind the computer screen, which can quickly turn the Web into a dangerous place. A 51-year-old man from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is facing felony charges this week after engaging in video chats and text messages involving sexual activity with a child.

Former Walker aide convicted of stealing charitable donations

Last February we discussed the criminal case of a former Wisconsin government aide who is accused of diverting charitable funds into his own bank account. As Gov. Scott Walker's former deputy chief of staff awaits his December trial on theft charges, another aide is reeling from his own recent white collar crime conviction, which could result in a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine at his upcoming sentencing.

Milwaukee police officers accused of illegal strip searches

In past blog posts we've discussed the importance of the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against illegal search and seizure. In drug crime investigations this amendment is particularly significant because it says that officers can't conduct a search of a person's body or property without probable cause. If law enforcement officers violate the Fourth Amendment, they may face prosecution themselves.

In cases of prostitution, defendants are often victims

Certain types of crimes are considered "big city problems" that couldn't affect Wisconsin's smaller towns. When it comes to prostitution, many people assume that because they don't see women walking the streets and approaching cars to sell their bodies, the issue isn't a problem in the community. But there are plenty of misconceptions about the sex offense commonly known as the world's oldest profession.

Sandusky sentenced to at least 30 years for child sexual abuse

Wisconsin residents who have followed the trial of Jerry Sandusky learned this week that the former Penn State assistant coach has been sentenced to at least 30 years in prison. The most public sexual abuse trial in recent history has captivated not just criminal defense attorneys, but college football fans and the general public.

Man pleads guilty to federal charges after dumping lawyer

You're probably familiar with the expression that anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. While that statement may sound biased coming from an attorney, it holds true in most cases, especially when federal charges are involved. These cases are extremely complicated and carry significantly higher penalties. But such warnings didn't stop a man facing charges in Milwaukee from considering it.

Milwaukee city employee faces federal drug charges

The war on drugs is very much alive in Wisconsin, particularly at the national level. Federal prosecutors are serious about bringing the hammer down on drug suspects, no matter what the type of illegal drug or the demographic of the suspect. Drug enforcement agents are focused not just on street-level arrests, but every stage of drug manufacturing, trafficking, possession or use.

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