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September 2012 Archives

Child prostitutes: Are we treating victims as criminals?

Sex with a minor is considered a crime in all states, including Wisconsin. Federal law defines human trafficking as the prostitution of a child. However, in the United States there are only 11 states which have so-called "Safe Harbor laws" in effect that work to shield a child from being charged with a sex crime if they have engaged in sex for which money has changed hands.

Attorney to jail workers: Stop talking to my client

It was the routine in the St. Croix, Wisconsin county jail. Three times a week a mental health worker would go to the cells of inmates considered to be at risk of committing suicide to assess their state of mind and make sure they were OK. The attorney for an inmate accused of murdering his three daughters wants that stopped, claiming the therapist may be gathering information for prosecutors. He has gone to court to demand mental health workers stop trying to talk to his client.

Involved dad or prowling sex criminal?

A Waukesha man is facing two felony child sex offender charges after police spotted him at youth football league practices. The 38 year-old man was convicted of an attempted sexual assault in 1997, and in 1994 he was accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl. He is prohibited from working or volunteering with children under age 16 as a consequence of his crimes. But in this case, he has children who play on the youth league team, and he says he was just watching from the sidelines. Other parents say he was doing more than just watching, he was coaching, and that is a violation of the law.

Wisconsin woman arrested on drug charges with kids in car

Drug arrests can have long-lasting ramifications, especially if the party charged is a parent of young children. A few weeks ago, a Wisconsin woman was driving her two children to an elementary school event when a police officer pulled her over for erratic driving. Upon arrival at the driver's window, the officer explained he saw her visibly shaking with her head in her hands.

Wisconsin man convicted of sexual assault at age 13 seeks release

The issue of civil commitments for sex offenders in Wisconsin remains a controversial topic with no easy answers. Every time a new case surfaces in the media, arguments for or against the release of sex offenders arise, but the talking points remain relatively unchanged.

2 charged in Wisconsin woman's fatal drug overdose

While most people would not immediately identify central Wisconsin as an illegal drug hotbed, law enforcement authorities there say they've arrested several people in Waushara County who participated in a heroin distribution ring. Two of the men implicated in the crime are also being charged in connection with a woman's fatal drug overdose.

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