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August 2012 Archives

Laws for reporting sex crimes in Wisconsin not entirely clear

The Penn State sex abuse scandal that resulted in a guilty verdict against football coach Jerry Sandusky led many states to strengthen and clarify their laws around the reporting of perceived sex crimes against minors. The laws vary somewhat from state to state, but most include a mandate for professionals who work with children to report any conduct that could be construed as abuse -- sexual, physical or neglect -- to law enforcement authorities.

Wisconsin hit-and-run suspect's trouble worsened by drug charges

It probably comes as no surprise that dealing with criminal charges can be extremely stressful. Even if you're not guilty, the court appearances, restrictions on your freedom and potential damage to your reputation as a result of media coverage can be overwhelming. But imagine the stress of being charged with a second crime as a result of the initial charges.

Deputy hit with federal charges in child sex abuse case

As we often discuss in this blog, crimes involving sexual abuse of a child carry extremely serious penalties. In addition to a prison sentence, most people convicted of such a sex offense are required to register as a sex offender, which can affect nearly every aspect of a person's life. A conviction on federal charges can be especially damaging because the sentences for such crimes tend to be more severe.

Wisconsin motorcycle showman faces federal fraud charges

A Wisconsin man well-known for his motorcycle feats has been accused of pulling a very different kind of stunt by federal agents. The motorcycle showman, who also specializes in sales of machine guns and other weapons, has been arrested and charged with 30 counts of fraud in connection with his bankruptcy filing.

Oshkosh woman sentenced for sex crimes against teenage boys

Many of the sexual offenses we discuss in this blog focus on teachers and students who have become caught up in relationships that are illegal and inappropriate due to their age differences and positions of authority. But it's possible for parents to become involved in these affairs as well.

Sexual assault charges filed against Waukesha sex offender

A man convicted two decades ago of sexually assaulting young girls is facing new charges that could put him back behind bars for life. The 46-year-old from Waukesha, Wisconsin, could have a very tough legal battle because of his sex offender status.

Wisconsin camp counselor facing sexual assault charges

If you had the opportunity to attend summer camp as a child, you may have fond memories of days filled with swimming, canoeing and relay races and nights around a campfire hearing ghost stories. But if the allegations against a counselor at a Milwaukee-area YMCA camp are true, such memories may be hard for one 12-year-old camper to separate from a disturbing incident.

1 Madison neighborhood; many apparent Internet crime victims

The age of the personal computing and the Internet has changed life on a massive scale. In just a few decades, whether you live in Milwaukee or Northern Wisconsin's wilderness, we have gone from a culture that didn't know what a personal computer was to nearly everyone having a "smart" something in their pockets or briefcases.

Federal fraud crimes case leaks into Wisconsin

While we might not hear about them as often as the horrible violent crimes that splash across the headlines of newspapers, the reality is that Wisconsin state and federal authorities have their eyes wide open looking for alleged government corruption. Such suspicions may lead to charges of mail or wire fraud or embezzlement.

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