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Community center teacher accused of having underage pornography

There are some crimes that make the average citizen recoil when they hear of them. Sex crimes are a prime example. When people can't understand the motivation behind these crimes, they tend to assume the worst. And those who learn through the media or rumors that a member of their community has been accused of a sex crime tend to jump to the conclusion that said person is guilty, even without knowing the facts of the case.

These assumptions are what make criminal defense so important. People accused of sex crimes are often convicted immediately in the court of public opinion, but they deserve a fair trial in a court of law. The recent case of a teacher in Milwaukee is no exception. The 37-year-old man, who works for a nonprofit social services center in the Westlawn neighborhood, was accused late last month of having underage pornography on his cellphone.

A state licensing specialist and police were notified after several disturbing images were found on the teacher's phone, according to a statement from the nonprofit's executive director. He was arrested June 27 and immediately terminated, before he was officially charged and the allegations thoroughly investigated.

Although the teacher's name hasn't been released, parents who were informed of the allegations expressed shock, surprise and disappointment. Many were taken aback that such a "nice guy" could be capable of the alleged misconduct. Whether he actually is tends not to matter to many residents, who may not stop to consider that he hasn't yet been tried in court.

This presumption of guilt makes finding an experienced criminal defense attorney crucial for people accused of sex crimes. If the teacher in this case is found not guilty, there's a chance he could be rehired by his employer, but regaining the trust of the community becomes increasingly difficult the longer allegations exist in news stories. Once the man's name is released to the media, it will be even harder for him to go back to the life he knew before his arrest.

Source: Fox6Now.com, "Teacher busted for allegedly possessing underage pornography," Bret Buganski, June 29, 2012

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