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July 2012 Archives

Milwaukee County official accused of taking kickbacks

A Milwaukee County worker in charge of a program to boost minority- and female-owned businesses has been accused of fraud, allegations that her friends and colleagues say are hard to believe. Although she has yet to be officially charged, she spent last Thursday night in jail and has been suspended without pay while the investigation against her continues.

Milwaukee-area teen arrested after alleged drug purchase

Regardless of your feelings about the status of America's war on drugs, police in Wisconsin and across the country are still in heavy battle. Getting drugs off the streets and arresting people who use, possess or distribute them remains a high priority for law enforcement, and the penalties for drug convictions are very serious.

Milwaukee woman pleads guilty, sentenced for sex trafficking

A woman who suffered years of abuse at the hands of her pimp was sentenced this week on sex trafficking charges, the result of a plea agreement that came after 10 months of refusing to appear before a federal grand jury. The case serves as a grim reminder that in many sex crimes, the defendants are victims themselves.

Community center teacher accused of having underage pornography

There are some crimes that make the average citizen recoil when they hear of them. Sex crimes are a prime example. When people can't understand the motivation behind these crimes, they tend to assume the worst. And those who learn through the media or rumors that a member of their community has been accused of a sex crime tend to jump to the conclusion that said person is guilty, even without knowing the facts of the case.

Wisconsin community denies sex offender's move back home

The consequences of a sex crime conviction are a common theme of this blog, primarily because they are severe and long-lasting. The penalties that come with sex crimes extend well beyond a prison sentence in most cases, affecting offenders' ability to work, find housing and attend school. And unlike with many other crimes, the surrounding community often has a say in an offender's liberties.

Eastern Wisconsin man accused of Internet sex crime

A man from Sussex, Wisconsin, is facing serious charges after being accused of using the Internet to facilitate a sex crime. He joins the increasing ranks of defendants who fall under the impression they're communicating with potential sexual partners, only to discover later that they've been duped by police investigators.

Former Wisconsin teacher gets reduced drug crime sentence

Back in February we discussed the arrests of a high school principal and another educator in the small Wisconsin town of Antigo. Both men were arrested on several drug charges after being accused of manufacturing or delivering marijuana. The arrests threw their community into a tailspin, with students, parents and other residents shocked and angry.

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