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June 2012 Archives

Nigerian man convicted of federal crime after being lured to U.S.

Many people assume that committing a crime from outside the United States offers protection from federal prosecution here. But a case that ended with a Nigerian man's four-year prison sentence on federal charges of counterfeiting proves otherwise.

Milwaukee County vendor scrutinized for hiring sex offender

In previous posts we've discussed the professional ramifications of having to register as a sex offender. It's a standard sentence for those accused of sex crimes, but it can prevent someone from finding and keeping a job.

Waukesha sexual assault case draws national attention

Convicted sex offenders, especially with crimes involving children, typically face several restrictions long after they've served a prison sentence. They're required to tell authorities where they live, work and attend school, and are barred from contact with minors. They're often not allowed to go on social networking sites, either. These restrictions are designed to prevent more sex crimes from happening.

Milwaukee woman convicted of Medicaid fraud gets 4 years

A Milwaukee woman who was sentenced to four years in prison earlier this month for her role in a Medicaid fraud scheme told a judge she didn't realize the business she'd started was illegal. But the judge said he believed she was well aware she was committing a white collar crime.

Minor suspicions lead to drug charges for Milwaukee men

Milwaukee residents and readers of this blog may not realize that even if you aren't a high-level drug dealer, you can find yourself in deep trouble with the law. People who engage in relatively minor illegal drug use can find themselves charged with a drug crime that carries harsh penalties.

Sexual abuse trial delayed for Milwaukee reptile expert

A Milwaukee man accused of sexual assault against a prospective intern for his reptile organization is poised to take a plea deal that would also address charges of mistreatment of animals and false imprisonment. Although the man's attorneys argued that the animal abuse charges should be tried separately, they lost that motion early in the case. In addition to that setback, the man and his counsel may be forced to wait several weeks to resolve all of the charges.

Wisconsin officials break law by posting ballots on Facebook

As Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans continue to argue over this week's recall election, many of them are unaware that officials from both parties were accused of breaking the same election law. Because their actions involved Facebook, the Class 1 felony could be considered an Internet crime, but no charges are expected to be filed because neither of the accused officials realized the law existed.

Child pornography charges lodged against Madison resident

Those who obtain, produce or share underage pornography images may not realize it, but there is a growing law enforcement presence on the Internet dedicated to stopping such activity. People arrested and accused of these sex crimes are often taken by surprise when the people they thought they were sharing underage pornography with turn out to be online detectives.

Milwaukee man faces drug charges after police knock on hotel door

In yet another story that brings more questions than answers, a Milwaukee man has been arrested after police just decided to knock on his hotel room door. An unidentified female opened the door and the officer said he immediately smelled marijuana. The man let the officer into the room where police allegedly found more drugs, including large quantities of oxycodone pills, cocaine and heroin. The 27-year-old man is now facing criminal drug charges and up to 30 years in prison, if convicted.

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