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December 2011 Archives

Arrest warrant issued for Milwaukee woman facing drug charges

Prescription drug abuse is an increasing problem in Wisconsin and across the nation. Sometimes it comes about when a patient who needs the drug develops an addiction to it and continues taking it long after it's medically necessary. Other times it's never prescribed to the user, and is instead purchased the way illicit drugs are: on the street or from someone else who has access to it.

Wisconsin man charged with underage pornography

Among the various sex crimes against children, underage pornography possession seems at first to be one of the more innocuous because those who view it aren't physically harming children. But the penalties for this crime are still extremely serious, as a Wisconsin man discovered this week.

Sexual predators in Wisconsin could face tougher penalties

Wisconsin's attorney general is trying to make it easier to prosecute those accused of using the Internet to solicit minors for sex. He's concerned that a loophole in the current state law could prevent these sex crime suspects from being punished to the full extent of the law.

3 Milwaukee men arrested in undercover drug buy

There are various reasons people become involved in criminal drug activity. Some do it strictly to make money, while others are addicts seeking both drugs and the money to pay for them. Undercover detectives are all too familiar with both of these motives, and drug stings are designed to catch both sellers and buyers.

Wisconsin man accused of Internet sex crime

At a time when awareness of sex crimes against children is at an all-time high, so are the enforcement and penalties for those who are convicted of them. Police departments nationwide have pledged to put a stop to these crimes by devoting more officers and resources to the problem. That includes the Internet, where so many sex crimes are initiated.

Wisconsin high school students accused of sexual assault

In our last post we discussed the case of a Milwaukee college student accused of sexual assault and how the allegations and possible conviction might damage his future. There's another element to sex crimes attributed to students, though. Some suspects are even younger, and their victims may be at an age where they aren't old enough to officially give consent to any sexual advances.

Milwaukee student leader accused of sexual assault

College is a place for opportunity and growth. It's a chance for adults, most of whom are young and have not yet had a professional career, to decide what they want to do with their lives. College also provides opportunities for leadership that can help them when it's time to launch that career and look for a job.

White collar crime has many faces, many victims

When most people think of white collar criminals, they imagine CEOs of major corporations, or perhaps Ponzi scheme masterminds like Bernie Madoff. But crimes of fraud and theft happen on a much smaller scale, and people of any income level can face charges.

Wisconsin educators face tougher penalties under new state law

Since the creation of the national sex offender registry, communities are much more aware of residents with sexual crimes in their past. Registered sex offenders often struggle to find a good job, stable housing and the trust of people around them. A bill signed into state law last week greatly affects the professional careers of educators accused of viewing pornography.

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