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November 2011 Archives

Part 2: States try 'catch-all' law to address synthetic drugs

In the previous post we discussed some of the growing concern surrounding the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic drugs. Though many states have made it a drug offense, officials are finding it difficult to keep up with the manufacturers of synthetic drugs.

Part 1: Concern rising over production of synthetic drugs

It began several years ago with the Drug Enforcement Agency began to test packets of "incense" that was being sold in a number of shops across the nation. Instead of finding all plant material, a chemist discovered a synthetic product whose effects mimicked those of marijuana.

Two Wisconsin men arrested after police chase

Police arrested two young Wisconsin men on felony charges after a 100 mph car chase earlier this month that extended through several counties. The two arrestees, who are ages 18 and 20, were charged with felony offenses stemming from allegedly breaking and entering.

Wisconsin teen charged with sex crime over dating relationship

A 19-year-old male from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, has been thrown in jail for seeing his 17-year-old girlfriend while on probation after pleading guilty to charges of a sex crime.

Three Wisconsin teens charged with several drug crimes

When teens get into trouble with the law, they often do not understand how criminal charges or even a conviction can affect their future. There may be a misconception that a juvenile crime is not necessarily as serious as a criminal charge brought against an adult.

Wisconsin teacher suspended after sexual assault charges surface

Criminal accusations can ruin a person's life. Even if the allegations are later proven untrue or charges are dropped, the person's reputation may be damaged forever. But how do courts wade through accusations to get the facts?

Border agents seize huge amount of marijuana off a ship

Are drug charges serious? Some may believe that misdemeanor charges are not as serious. But even though penalties may not be severe, the implications of a conviction for a drug charge can be far-reaching. It can impact one's future as well as one's reputation.

Stolen trucks result in federal charges for several Wisconsin men

When people hear the phrase "federal charges", a number of different things may pop into their heads. Some may think that this phrase refers to white collar crimes while others may think of drug trafficking charges.

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