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Woman charged with embezzlement after installing heating unit

One mistake can land you in the middle of a criminal investigation. In some instances, people aren't aware that what they are doing could be considered a crime. In fact, something that seems harmless may lead to severe consequences.

When it comes to white collar crimes, the penalties can be serious and far reaching. Sentences for these types of convictions can include a lengthy prison sentence, fines, and community service. Even if the individual did not intend to commit a crime, he or she may still face criminal charges.

One type of white collar crime is embezzlement. Typically this crime involves misappropriating funds that were entrusted to you and using it for some other purpose. Often reports of embezzlement in the news focus on individuals taking hundreds and thousands of dollars from investors.

However, a former principal is once again the focus of an embezzlement case and was just recently charged with embezzling school funds for her own personal use.

Late last year, she had been the focus of an investigation after allegedly taking money from school accounts. Apparently an internal audit revealed discrepancies in the accounts, leading investigators to believe that the former principal was part of an embezzlement scheme.

She was accused of taking money from the school and using it to install a heating unit in her house. But she repaid the account - did she intend to steal the money?

The charges had been originally dismissed because the woman put the money back into the accounts. However charges were re-filed because the court believes there is enough proof that the she did intend to embezzle the money.

Source: Detroit Free Press: "Appeals court revives embezzlement charges against Detroit school principal," Dawson Bell, Oct. 5, 2011

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