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October 2011 Archives

Prescription drug abuse could mean prison for former dentist

The former dentist from Wisconsin Rapids first became addicted to prescription drugs while a dental student. After graduating and getting a job, the dentist then continued using prescription drugs. Even after joining his father's dental practice, the dentist continued to deal with a drug abuse problem.

Wisconsin man faces charges for violating federal hunting law

The fall season in Wisconsin brings with it a number of different holidays and events. One specifically that many look forward to is hunting season. But as in all states, Wisconsin hunters have to follow state and federal laws that dictate when they can hunt, where they can hunt and what can be hunted.

Former offender charged with possession of underage pornography

A man from Shawano, who has already served six years in prison for possession of underage pornography, has been arrested again for the same kind of Internet crime, according to police.

Man investigated for white collar crime by FBI and SEC

The FBI is investigating the alleged white collar crime of a man who many investors claim fraudulently misrepresented their investment portfolios. According to the complaints, the 56-year-old investor claimed that he was investing his client's money in low-risk, diversified funds.

Woman charged with embezzlement after installing heating unit

One mistake can land you in the middle of a criminal investigation. In some instances, people aren't aware that what they are doing could be considered a crime. In fact, something that seems harmless may lead to severe consequences.

Wisconsin search warrants may be unconstitutional

Most people would assume that the police are only allowed to search your home if a judge has found that there is probable cause to do so. However, Wisconsin has actually allowed court commissioners to sign search warrants since 1977. These commissioners are not judges and do not hold elected office as do judges. Instead, they are lawyers appointed by judges.

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